LFS Keyboard commands and shortcuts

Car controls
SGear up
XGear down
GFlash lights
LPit limiter
OTraction control
3Toggle head lights
7 - 8L / R direction indicator ON
9Hazard lights ON
O (zero)Direction indicators / hazard lights OFF
SPACECar reset
SHIFT - GSwitch automatic gears/manual gears
SHIFT - HChange horn
In-race car data
F9Tyre temperatures, loads, ABS
F11Live settings
F12Pit instructions
FForces view
SHIFT - LSuspension view
Game controls
SHIFT - RVote restart race
SHIFT - QVote to qualify
SHIFT - XVote to end race
SHIFT - PEnter pits
SHIFT - SSpectate
SHIFT - OOptions
WLeft view
ERight view
RRear view
TABNext car in race order
SHIFT - TABPrevious car in race order
CTRL - TABToggle race results display
HOMEFocus own car
NNames (off / names + connections / names only)
VView (incar / wheels / tv / chase / heli)
SHIFT - VView reverse (heli / chase / tv / wheels / incar)
SHIFT - UFree view / autox editor
SHIFT - FTurn off all screen info
SHIFT - MNo mirrors / real mirrors / virtual mirror
SHIFT - ZShow the mouse cursor when it would be hidden
SHIFT - F1Return to default driver view
5Zoom in
6Zoom out
Replay controls
1Watch replay
2Save replay
F2Replay time slow down
F3Replay time speed up
<Less force
>More force
SHIFT - CReset controller
SHIFT - NSound on/off
SHIFT - WReinitialise sound
SHIFT - KNext track
CTRL - CClip mouse to window
CTRL - SSave screenshot in LFS - DIR\data\shots
SHIFT - F4Switch to windowed mode
SHIFT - F9640 x 480
SHIFT - F10800 x 600
SHIFT - F111024 x 768
SHIFT - F121280 x 960
Online N menu (N to show names)
SS buttonSend your setup
GREEN S buttonAccept and save setup sent to you
T buttonRequest or accept to take over car
CTRL+SHIFTShow real usernames instead of playernames
Chat input field
F1 - F8, CTRL - (F1 - F12), ALT - (F1 - F12)Customizable message shortcuts
HMessage history
- Block / Unblock messages
CTRL - CCopy current text to clipboard
CTRL - VPaste text in clipboard
CTRL - XCut text to clipboard
CTRL - HClear recent messages
UP/DOWN ARROWScroll through message history
List of hosts
PGUP / PGDNFlip up or down through the list
HOME / ENDGo to start or end of the list
Lobby screen
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONChange lap count / qual mins in steps of 10
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONChange values in steps of 10
CTRL - RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONCopy the value of any slider
SHIFT - RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONPaste the copied slider value
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON(on any slider) Directly enter a value
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (while dragging a slider)Return slider to its starting position
SHIFT - F5Reload current language file (except english)
SHIFT - F8Network debug
LFS World statistics commands
pbPersonal best on this track with a car
hotlap (hl)Hotlap on this track with a car
wrWorld record on this track with a car
laps (l)Laps on this track with a car
tlaps (tl)Total laps
distance (ds)Total distance
win (1)Race wins
second (2)Race seconds
third (3)Race thirds
drags (dr)Total drag races / wins
finished (fin)Total finished races
findCheck if someone is online on any host
msgInitiate sending an SMS to another LFS racer
txtWrite the SMS text and send it
help (?)Command list and usage