Allowed and not allowed rules



All people can participate, novices, intermediate good and crazy racers.


If you want to crash someone or all racers, you can.
You can create a team with racers, crashers or both.

T1 crashing

You can crash when you want and who you want, in first turn or before too.

Reverse to crash

You can go reverse to crash or do what you want.

Block and push

You can block, push, destroy partialy or totaly other car(s).

Bug races...

If you dont know what is it, you will understand quickly, all people can use it.

Not allowed

Bad words

"Bad words" on chat, on skins, on account names or nicknames = BAN between 12 hours and 365 days. Account deletion possible!


Cheats, mods, tweaks, and modified game = Account banned 365 days and account deleted!